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Who Else Wants to Finally Rank Their Video on
YouTube and Google?

To date I’ve delivered close to 2000 embed blasts to many different customers over many variety of platforms as well as private clients, many of these customers/clients are regulars and continue to come back, week after week. The reason is obvious, our “Video Ranker Embed Blast” works!

|This Service Works with Google Map Embeds, Vimeo, Pinterest,
Slide Share, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, Pictures and Most Embed Codes|



There is a few simple things that Google expects from a viral video.

  1. People watch it
  2. People link to it and embed it on their websites (on popular web 2.0 sites too)
  3. People share it on social media like twitter, delicious and many others
  4. and last but not least, people continue to keep watching it and sharing over a period of time

So what happens behind the scenes to make this Video Ranker Embed Blast work so well?

With the help of automated posting to top blogs and social accounts were able to quickly take your video and release it to our private network. Once Google discovers these embeds, they immediately start to push your video up in rankings, but we take it further then just using embeds. We then have REAL direct user traffic coming to your video and watching your video, then if you also have a website, they will visit the website, thusly making it not only great for your video, but for your website as well!

We do this in realistic numbers and we don’t have each person watch your video the same amount of time nor visit your site every time. I mean, lets keep this as realistic as possible, Google will never be the wiser, leaving you to completely take over your niche with your video, while at the same time ranking your website. See our most recent testimonial about that below:


I ordered this gig for one of my videos … shocked by the results … a DAY after you delivered the gig, my video shot from #5 to #2 for my main KW, and my website (linked to in the video description) jumped from #6 to #3 for an easy/medium local KW. However, that being said, both the video and the site had been stuck in their respective positions for over 2 months. I  am EXTREMELY impressed…

– J

Rank Your Video On YouTube and On GoogleRealistic Viral Traffic is HUGE in Video Marketing

Traffic is HUGE when used correctly with an Embed Blast. We mimic a REAL viral explosion by increasing real human traffic to your video for two days, then slowly bringing the traffic back down to a realistic pace over the next 5 days, this way Google sees that your video went viral, people were sharing it, embedding it and then the ‘viral-ness’ of the video backed down, just like all viral videos do… Sorry, they don’t last forever, so having 5,000 video views over a week pump out and then just stopping doesn’t make sense, and neither does it make sense that a Plumber in Ohio would have 5,000 views hits to his video in a matter of a couple days… I mean, what the hell is he doing if that is really happening? Giving away services for free? Unlikely. (But not always impossible, just highly improbable!)

Super fast turnaround. Seller went above and beyond by offering some proactive suggestions for how I can improve the results I’d get with this campaign. I wish every seller on Source Market had the same commitment to see their clients be successful. – mgringo

So Explain to me the Process
from Beginning to End

There is a few different ways this can start. If you’ve yet to upload your video to your channel, we can Livestream your video for you, which immediately makes it more important in Googles eyes, but we can also send actual view traffic to the video while it’s Livestreaming in YouTube, which is the first important signal in Googles eyes that this video is exactly what it says it is, which is the first movement towards a REAL viral blast.


If needed you can either upload your video with Wirecast through Pieter (a trusted Wirecast/Livestream uploader)

(talk to me about how you can get HD quality for free using Pieter)

OR… you can use our Livestreaming process that will send real user traffic to your video while the Livestream is happening, this is the next generation of viral signals!


Once your video is live we hit it with embeds, social signals and status updates from our huge private network.

Our network is HUGE but we post to a random:

333 social bookmarks (Diigo, Delicious, Instapaper etc)

136 Web2.0 blog sites (WordPress, Blogspot, Joomla etc)

41 Twitter accounts

Many accounts in this network have been aged and have high authority and power inside them as well, making it a realistic backlink profile. This is considered our basic package, you can order this alone for $10.


We start our ‘Mimic Me Viral‘ traffic service that explodes your traffic (realistically) then slowly pulls it back to mimic a real traffic blast. The traffic will peak over 2 days then slide out for 5 more days until it returns to normal. The traffic can originate from anywhere in the world, down to the city.

Since most videos that are created are for local and affiliate offers, you don’t need 5,000 views in one or two days.
Just REALISTIC YouTube views. That’s what Google wants to see!

Viral Video Blast #1:

Receive between 95-130 real YouTube views.
25-30 views for the first 2 days
10-15 for an additional 3 days
5-15 for 1 day
5-10 the last day.

Viral Video Blast #2:

Receive between 180-250 real YouTube views.
50-60 views for the first 2 days
20-30 for an additional 3 days
15-25 for 1 day
5-15 the last day.

20% will visit your website or continue browsing
YouTube after watching your video – we also do our best to over deliver

(for more options for country, state and even city based traffic visit ‘Mimic Me Viral‘)


We then start a Socialize Kaboom campaign for your video. SK will dripfeed out 112 REAL social signals from REAL users over 12-15 days from places like Delicious, Twitter and Pinterest. This even further tells Google that this viral traffic is for REAL and that people are continuing to share your video over time! You can learn more about SK here.

Just got my client onto page 1 for a 590 search volume keyword in YouTube right after getting notified that this service was completed! Guess who just got added to my favorites list?? 😉 – mrstrongg

Coupled with Everything Here, You’ve Just Created a Viral Video Concoction!

We have a few discounted packages you can choose from

The biggest and most awesome video ranking SEO onlineVideo Dragon Promotion:

Dragon Promotion is for those who really need to explode their rankings. This is for harder difficulty niches. Many times this promotion alone can put a medium difficulty video inside ranking range or even take the first page many times when coupled with Wirecast or the Livestreaming extra.

Note that this package is great for ranking all videos in YouTube, but do make sure that videos are rankable in your niche keyword on Google (separate search engines). Not seeing a video in the SERPs is a sure sign it will be tougher for you to rank a video in. Also note that if you have a hard difficulty keyword PBNs are a must and this will help avoid having to use as many and make them work better for you.

Super service I highly recommend and I will use again first class communication.

What do you get?

Basic Video Embed Package

Viral Video Blast #2

Socialize Kaboom 224 Social Signals (Dripfed for 12-15 days)

A well rounded video seo package for ranking youtube videosVideo Knight Promotion:

Video Knight Promotion is for low (high) and medium (low) difficulty keywords. It’s got all the punch of a Dragon with a little bit less traffic and social signals thrown in. For most niches in local this is going to perfectly do what you need it to in most cases, if not a PBN or two will usually throw you up where you need to be!

I personally use this basic blast for all my local clients 9/10 times. Dragon can be used for overkill if you’re unsure or if you really need that extra push to help your linked website in the description. But Knight has a great push as well, so don’t worry about being shorted by this guy, he packs a punch that most embed services wish they had!

I keep on coming back for a reason Great service as usual, and was very helpful with my keywords!

What do you get?

Basic Video Embed Package

Viral Video Blast #1

Socialize Kaboom 112 Social Signals (Dripfed for 12-15 days)

A great starter package for those new to video marketing onlineVideo Supporter Promotion:

The Video Support Promotion is a truly basic blast that still can handle it’s weight in most low to low (high) niches and markets. I’ve single handedly used this package to rank 100’s of videos for walk in baths almost 2 years ago now. They’re still bringing in calls month after month. This Promotion is suggested if you’re also new to understanding how to rank videos online, it’s a great test to see how this services works and it will give you a better idea in the future on what you might be able to do. Just make sure you do your dudilegence and make sure you can rank your video in Google search (make sure there are other videos ranking within the top 3-5 pages!).

For the price, this is an awesome gig. It was delivered very quickly and professionally done

What do you get?

Basic Video Embed Package

Viral Video Blast #1

Socialize Kaboom 56 Social Signals (Dripfed for 12-15 days)

General Basic Embed Package

Many people have GREAT results with the basic embed package and use nothing else for their chosen niche!

Livestream and Traffic Blast Package


All proof of completion will be through screen shot,
besides the 100 embeds 500 tiered links extra.

No Refunds once submitted.