Ranking through Branding (Core Lift!)

Brand your business and website while helping yourself rank better and faster“Learn Exactly What it Takes to Rank Your Site While Establishing Your Business Brand Online”

Google is ever changing, and many times that means more work to get your website to rank!

But there are tactics that Google allows and when done correctly are rewarded and considered ‘white hat SEO’

But the thing is these hidden secrets are hardly ever talked about or considered to be worth it.

We’ll be sure to debunk that myth as you continue reading.

“By the time you finish this quick introduction of ‘Branding through Ranking’ you’ll discover a simple solution that will make you feel like SEO is truly possible again and that Google is not always the bad guy!”

How to Brand a Website‘Ranking through Branding’

Ranking through Branding or RtB is a tactic that was developed by mentoring with master SEO Kotton Grammer. RtB is a simple procedure and it’s a method of taking well known profile/social account type sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Aboutus.org, 43things and many other high DA (domain authority) and trusted profile sites and signing up for them with your websites name or business name and tying them together in such a way they all build trust and power off each other. Branding yourself across the internet on TOP trusted sites is a natural thing real businesses do so Google does not take these sites as manipulation when you sign up for them with your business name.

Loophole: You can use these to help rank for certain anchor text keywords in other pages of your website too! (or video)

If you were to do just this, you would see a good improvement for your website/video, but here at HonorableSEO we don’t strive for just ‘good’ results, we take a tactic and we break the bank with it!! We’ve tested and tested and found a perfect harmonious way to bring all these sites together in a way that when done properly will SUPER CHARGE 40+ different core profile sites which in turns EXPLODES your money site NATURALLY & SAFELY!

But we don’t just stop there, we take 2-8 PBNs and GO NUCLEAR on a few super trusted websites like Google Docs and Weebly, which then links to 8-10 of your main core profiles each, that then link to other profiles which also link back to your website.

This is the secret sauce that jettisons your profile accounts and your website to the stars!

This is the reason RtB – ‘Core Lift’ is also a great solution for reputation management!

Google Rewards REAL Businesses and Websites!

Google has said many times that they expect that real sites to be ‘apart’ of the internet. Meaning, if you really cared to get your message out to your audience you would go where they were, you would be apart of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and dozens of other type of profile sites. Thing is, this is a wide open loop-hole, and you can sign up for hundreds of these types of profile based websites and Google won’t touch you!

They’ll just continue to hand you more and more authority.

The Drip-feed Phenomena.

Another great thing about RtB – ‘Core Lift’ is that no matter if you take our training course or purchase the service outright, no matter what package type you purchase or do yourself, you’ll have high domain authority profiles and sites continually getting found over a years time as Google naturally finds them over time. We don’t push for trying to index all these sites right away, this drip-feed phenomena is PURE GOLD!

This method will help show a gradual increase in backlinks to your site (or PBN/Video etc)
which further keeps your site ‘active’ and ‘trusted’ in Googles eyes.

Want Proof that RtB is What I Say it is?

Back in early March 2016 I created a personal blog about Japan and their culture, I created around 35 different posts on this site not doing much to try to SEO the site while writing these articles, then around in May 2016 I started to build a few more social accounts, then I jacked it up to the extreme in early June 2016 and intertwined over 300 social profiles while branding out the website with our then early version of RtB – ‘Core Lift’.

What happened next is an SEOs wet dream!

Take a look:

When we first started building RtB to this site it had a UR of 15 and a DR of 19 after just 2 months it’s a full blown authoritative website that Google trusts…

Proof of RtB

Proof of Website Blast with RtB – ‘Core Lift’:

To show that we truly were not forcing anything until about the end of May, here is our referring domains before the blast. As you can see it starts off slow and then starts taking off like a rocket as these profiles start getting found and indexed. We published around 350 high domain authority profiles at this point Ahrefs.com has only found about 50 of them (to date July 19), but because of the intertwining and PBN boosts, HUGE trust happened as you can see from the screen shot above.

Gradually Increase in Profile Links and Referring Domains

More Proof that RtB – ‘Core Lift’ Really LIFTS the Core of Your Site:

This is by far my favorite piece of evidence that RtB is what we are claiming it to be, and how it can TRULY help you increase your visibility on the internet.

This is a heat map, and what it’s showing is keywords that the website is ranking for in the respected search engine position location. As you can see a tiny bit more deep blue starts to appear after we did a bit of work on the site in May, but then come early June the heat map lights up like a bomb went off and continues to trial off to the right as more light and bright red starts to appear. This puts a huge majority of the keywords of the website into range to easily rank for (between page 2 and 3 as you can see clustered below). At this point instead of spending $1,000s on PBNs to slowly build trust to your website for a few selected keywords, you can literally ‘CORE LIFT’ your website into an easy to rank position for the life of your website.

How does RtB help rank my overall website

RtB is the Solution for REAL Business Growth Online
be it an Affiliate Site, Local Business or Video

The best way to build a website now days is by branding it through social media and profiles. Instead of blasting your website with PBNs right away, build a name for yourself first!

If your website is new, this is absolutely needed!

By throwing PBNs to your new sites you’re setting off red flags left and right. It makes much more sense that a PBN/authoritative site will link to you after spreading yourself across the internet at local watering holes like Facebook, 43things, Aboutus, Gravatar etc…

Insider Tip: It’s also recommended to have a bit of brand name search traffic find your website for a month (Search My Brand (Coming Soon)) while building your website out with RtB – ‘Core Lift’. By doing so, you’ll make Google ultra happy and will believe you that you’re who you say you are!

So, as I wind down this explanation of Ranking through Branding – ‘Core Lift’, you should be feeling rather excited to see what this tactic can do to your website(s) or local business. The results are conclusive and there is no wavering, this is the next step (and First step) in SEO that most ‘Guru’s’ don’t ever talk about, and in many cases avoid altogether (besides the basic social accounts everyone gets) because, sure, it’s a rather huge project to take up, so they claim it’s not worth the price or the time to do it. But if you are a local business or an affiliate marketer whose planning on sticking around for awhile, why would you not use this technique to your advantage to help you save money on the back side and RAISE your site to a level where it’s a leap, skip and hop to #1 for your chosen money keyword?

A great side kick to RtB – ‘Core Lift’ is our Automatic Social Posting (coming soon) service. If your site is new this is another way to keep yourself blasting out to 20-60 of your social profiles when creating your content (Which creates additional trust in Google). Align Automatic Social Posting with RtB and Socialize Kaboom and your DA will absolutely take off!

You can see the power of RtB so now
it’s time to take it to the next level.

If you find yourself interested in RtB but don’t want to take the reins and do it yourself, no worries we’re offering this service for purchase below.

For those who want to learn this technique so you can use it over and over again, for your clients and for your personal website(s), we have a specialized training course that will give you a step by step guide on how to properly build these profiles for maximum efficiency!